Autistic-led Creatives Group to run next month online

In addition to our autistic-led Women-Aligned, Peer Support and Gaming Groups, run on Zoom and Discord, we will be running a new group on a trial basis. Our Creatives Group will start in late September as a one-off to see how such a group will work.

It is a group for all autistic creatives in Leeds to share and discuss their ongoing works. If you want to attend, you could do such things as:

  • Read up an excerpt from your novel
  • Show us your latest painting
  • Play us a bit of music
  • Discuss your latest ideas for your blog
  • Get supportive feedback and encouragement from fellow autistic creatives

When and where?

The Creatives Group will be on Tuesday 29th September from 3pm-5pm. It will be held on Zoom. The theme for this session is home crafting – things you have made at home with items around the house such as glass jars.

If you would like to join the group, please email us at and we’ll send on the Zoom details to you.

For regular updates on how to join this and any of our other groups, we have a mailing list where we send out the details for joining them before they happen. To sign up, please go to this link: