Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t live in Leeds but do live in a neighbouring local authority. Am I allowed to access your services?

Sadly, we are unable to support people living outside of the Leeds City Council area. It is due to the way in which Leeds Autism AIM is funded. However, we would aim to give you information/ signposting if we were aware of services local to you.

I want to come to your hub sessions, but can I do so without booking an appointment?

You can just call in to our Tuesday drop-in session anytime between 3.30pm and 7pm and do not need to make an appointment. However, if you want to see a specific person/service, you may need to wait so we can book you a time if you would prefer. The quieter fortnightly Friday Hub is only for booked appointments. You do this by contacting us.

I don’t have an autism diagnosis, but am currently waiting for one. Am I allowed to access Leeds Autism AIM?

If you are seeking a diagnosis or are on the waiting list for a diagnostic referral, you can still contact us or come to our hub sessions, but for referrals to the mentoring service, you need to have an autism diagnosis.

How do I make a referral to your service?

You do not need to make a referral to come to the Autism Hub sessions but if you would like to make an appointment or want more information, just contact us on 0113 244 0606.

If you would like an autism mentor, you can make a referral by filling in the initial information form at the hubs or contact us to refer and we will meet you where you are comfortable to complete this.

I am looking to volunteer with Leeds Autism AIM. How do I become one?

If you want to volunteer with us, all you need to do is get in touch and say whether you’d like to be a mentor, volunteer advocate or help out at our hub sessions. You can find out more on our Get involved page.

I am a parent, carer or partner of an autistic person. Am I allowed to go to your hubs on their behalf?

You are! We provide advocacy, information and signposting to carers/parents/partners, as well as professionals. We have given information to many carers since the project was set up in 2014 and have a carer on our steering group. We also have a monthly carers’ support group at the Lovell Autism Hub on the second Tuesday of every month from 5pm to 6:30pm, run by Carers Leeds.

Are any autistic people involved in running Leeds Autism AIM?

Yes – Leeds Autism AIM is co-led by autistic adults. Two of our current members of staff are autistic. All bar one of our current steering group is autistic and we have an increasing amount of autistic volunteers.

Are Leeds Autism AIM a separate organisation?

No. Leeds Autism AIM is part of Advonet, an independent advocacy charity in Leeds. Our staff are employed by Advonet and we incorporate advocacy principles and values in our approach.

Is parking available at the Lovell Autism Hub?

There is limited parking for visitors in the small car park opposite the building, as well as on the pavement in front of the Hub. To park in either area, you need to get a parking permit from reception as soon as you enter and place the permit on your dashboard. When you leave the Hubs, you need to give the permit back to us.