Our team

We have a few members of staff who help to provide our services. Here’s who you might expect to see at our drop-ins, Friday Hub sessions and in our Zoom groups.

Owen is our Team Manager. Owen helps to oversee the AIM team and service as a whole. He previously worked as our Volunteer Coordinator, helping to support both our volunteers and people in mentoring matches.

Owen is also involved in our development work around employment.

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Jane is the newest member of our team, working as our Deputy Manager. Like Pesha, Jane will be working on our new Autism Health Access Project. She has a background in healthcare.

Luke does all of our info, including the newsletter, social media and this website. Luke can also provide personalised information resources at our two drop-in services.

He has a background in content marketing and, until January 2017, was chairperson of Leeds Asperger Adults. Luke is also Communications and Network Officer for The Advonet Group.

Trudi is our Peer Support Worker. She works at alternate Hub sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays, being there to offer peer support to autistic adults who want to know what it is to be autistic.

Away from her role in the AIM team, Trudi is a fully-qualified counsellor.

Gill is our Peer Development Worker. She will be involved in developing peer support at our hubs and elsewhere through AIM. Away from AIM, Gill is an academic and prolific Tweeter; you can follow her at @GillLoomesQuinn!

David is our Hub Supporter. He helps out around our Hub sessions, greeting visitors and helping them with things such as filling out forms. David also does some of our admin work.