Autism and face coverings on public transport: New alert card

Starting this week, the Government brought out a new rule, stating that everyone using public transport must wear a face covering. However, some people are exempt from this rule, including disabled people. Autistic people are in that group, as are people with learning disabilities. Some organisations including First Group, who run most bus services in … More Autism and face coverings on public transport: New alert card

#XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: When to buy presents

This entry for our #XmasAutisticLifeHacks series may have come a little too late if you’ve already sorted this out! It’s about when and how to buy presents and stay within your budget. This hack from Cheryl Ferris-Stewart, Project Worker for the Leeds LGBTQ+ Health Inclusion Project, talks about how she spaces out buying Christmas presents … More #XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: When to buy presents

#XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Jazzing up your gammon

This entry for our #XmasAutisticLifeHacks series covers one of the most important aspects of any Christmas: Food! For those among us who eat meat, making sure that it’s better than your average Sunday roast is a must. One of the Leeds Autism AIM team has suggested how to prepare a gammon joint, making this often … More #XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Jazzing up your gammon

#XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Checking bus/train times

Our next post for #XmasAutisticLifeHacks is about getting around at Christmas. If you rely on public transport for travel, you may know that the timetables for bus and train services change regularly during this time of year, depending on the date. This can be a little difficult to keep track of, but the Leeds Autism … More #XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Checking bus/train times

#XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Make crackers accessible

The next instalment in this year’s #XmasAutisticLifeHacks series is about a Christmas dinner staple. They can make Christmas Day go with a bang, but the noise made by crackers as they snap can be a little too much if you’re sensitive to noise. To work around that, our Coordinator Pesha Thornton has a really useful … More #XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Make crackers accessible

#XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Avoid the Christmas Eve rush

Our next entry in the #XmasAutisticLifeHacks series for 2019 is about what to do on Christmas Eve. For the most part, it is the busiest day of the year, with millions of people worldwide getting their last-minute shopping sorted. For some autistic people, crowds are a nightmare to deal with all year round, but for … More #XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Avoid the Christmas Eve rush

#XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Going somewhere quiet

Our second instalment in the #XmasAutisticLifeHacks series of tips for coping during the festive period is about getting rest when it all becomes a bit too much. Being the season for parties, the sheer number of social gatherings can be overwhelming. To remedy that, Cheryl Ferris-Stewart from the Leeds LGBTQ+ Health Inclusion Project says that … More #XmasAutisticLifeHacks 2019: Going somewhere quiet