Health and hospitals


The Leeds Autism Diagnostic Service (LADS) team are available for consultation meetings once a month at our two drop-ins. You can refer for more formal consultation support from LADS through the Health Single Point of Access by ringing 0300 300 1485.

For those people already diagnosed with autism, the team can currently offer a one-off consultancy appointment for service users, their carers’ and other professionals. The service user will receive some questionnaires to complete prior to the appointment and a copy of their diagnostic report will be requested.

If there is any doubt about the diagnosis, the service user will be offered the opportunity to access the clinical pathway for a full assessment. They can also offer training and support to professionals.

Leeds Autism AIM can provide an Autism Alert Card, which you can show to people if you’re struggling to explain how being autistic affects you. These can be personalised, so you can have anything on them that’s particular to you.


The Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT), who run all the NHS hospitals in Leeds, have an autism flag system where you can let hospital staff know that you are autistic. To get one, all you need to do is read this flyer and follow the instructions:

The LTHT recently produced a video about getting reasonable adjustments at NHS hospitals in the city. You can watch it below:

There’s also a hospital passport available from the National Autistic Society, which you can download here, alongside their guidance notes. We can support you to complete these either at our hubs or through our mentoring service.

We can also provide a personalised summary of your health needs. This can come in the form of a two-sided passport-sized card, with one side explaining what you find difficult and the other saying how medical staff can support you.

Social prescribing

Leeds’ social prescribing service is Linking Leeds. They can help you to access community services to improve your social, emotional and mental wellbeing. To contact them, you can:

Mental health

MindWell is a mental health services website for people in the Leeds area. It was only recently set up, but has a list of mental health service providers throughout the city.

There are single points of access for mental health support in health and adult social care:

  • Leeds Adult Social Care number: 0113 222 4401
  • Health Single Point of Access number: 0300 300 1485

There are two drop-in services to access in case of a crisis. One is Dial House in Halton, LS15 and the other is Dial House @ Touchstone, which is in the Beeston, LS11 area.


There are currently a number of autism-specific counselling services available for autistic adults in Leeds:

We have produced a Mental Health Guide. It includes information on local autism-specific counselling services and on how to get funding for counselling through your GP here:

There are some other counselling resources that you can read: