As part of a wider advocacy charity, Leeds Autism AIM contributes to advocacy support available to autistic adults in Leeds. We can help make phone calls, fill in forms and give a voice to those who need it the most in times of crisis.

Among the advocacy services provided through Leeds Autism AIM are:

  • Advocacy support at both of our autism hub sessions
  • Peer advocacy from an autistic adult at either session
  • Advocacy support over the phone or by email
  • Help with filling in forms
  • Help with making phone calls
  • Support with issues around access to services, health, housing, benefits, employment and education

Advonet’s advocacy services

Away from Leeds Autism AIM, Advonet offers a range of advocacy services. These include:

Get in touch

To find out more or make a referral to Leeds Autism AIM, you can either send us an email at or call us on 0113 244 0606. We promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

To contact Advonet, you can email You can also dial the above phone number.