Cafe Autistique

Café Autistique is a monthly discussion slot held at the Lovell Autism Hub. It is led by autistic people and discusses a set topic each month. The idea for the group came from Café Scientifique, a discussion group taking place in Leeds that tackles important and wide-ranging issues.

Who is the group for?

Café Autistique is for autistic adults who live in the Leeds City Council area. It is also open to parents and carers of autistic adults.

What does it do?

The group talks about a different topic each month. Previous topics include shopping, employment, relationships and self-advocacy. The topics are chosen by the group at the end of each session.

When does it take place?

Café Autistique is on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

How to get involved

All you need to do is turn up and come into where we’re holding each session! If you would like to suggest any topics for discussion, please email our team at