My GP Profile

My GP Profile is a one-page profile detailing your wants and needs when visiting a GP’s surgery. In it, you can let staff at your local health centre or surgery know about:

  • Your communication needs – how you would like to be spoken to and given information
  • Anxieties – what, if anything, makes you feel anxious when visiting a doctor or other medical professional
  • Sensory issues – anything that you may find overloading in a surgery, such as bright lights or too much background noise
  • How they can help you – a section letting GPs, nurses and so on know how they can support you during an appointment

If you would like a GP profile, please get in touch with us and we can help.

We also do smaller, passport-sized cards to show your GP. These can say what you find difficult when visiting a doctor’s surgery and what they can do to help.

*Please note that this is only available to autistic adults in the Leeds City Council area who receive little or no funded support.